Our company has a number of features that allow our professional team to become a partner of your dreams.

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Multibank liquidity

Integral’s FX Grid is the place to connect with all the different entities (i.e. liquidity providers, prime brokers, banks, brokers, investment management firms, hedge funds, corporates) and venues that comprise today’s FX markets. By connecting once to Integral, you gain access to all facets of global foreign exchange markets.

Integral FX GRID® technology

Integral FX GRID® technology is one of our outstanding achievements, which connects you with our global sales network bringing together providers of liquidity, market makers (primary brokers, banks), hedge funds and investment companies.


Support Hotline

SOLID CAPITAL support is available round the clock.
For any further questions contact us.


Account funding

Payment and funding authorisation are 100% automatic.



An essential educational resource through which clients can enrich their trading knowledge


Earn money with us is comfortable

MT5 trading platform is a revolution in trading world. For the first time in the
FOREX market the trade is carried out in stock performance mode,
each tool has its glass of prices - full market depth.
New MQL5 language allows implementing an object-oriented approach (OOA),
event model, event handling timer, debugging of code in MetaEditor,
a possibility of testing on a set of tools (portfolio testing) and multithreading optimization.

MetaTrader 5 is designed primarily to give an opportunity to trade stocks, futures,
options and other exchange-traded instruments. SFS provides more than 70 tools,
including precious metals.

MetaTrader5 trading platform is available for PC and on mobile devices.



Multibank liquidity gives us a clear advantage over competitors,
the main of which is the high speed of orders execution.